I am starting my 4th week with goalFOOD and I feel great. My energy levels are up. I don't get as tired as I was so easily. The food is great. I love that it's all clean eating and portioned out for me. The guys are great, so helpful and you can ask a million questions and they are super patient!!!! If you want your meals prepped for you this is the place!!!!
Joli Pupella
I have been a client of goalFOOD for a little over a year and a half, I love the food and the people that work here are very helpful. My before and after pictures in uniform I think tell it all. Thirty-five pounds lost in six months and I have maintained that ever since.
Tracy Turner
We signed up with (goalFOOD) in May. Since we began, we have only had to do one supermarket shopping trip and it was well under $100. The meals are great – very satisfactory. I am not a cook and when I do cook, we eat too much. The goalFood meals are just the right proportion – no preservatives – plenty of protein - low sodium (I have to admit I add salt – I’m the type of person that salts food without even tasting – bad habit). It’s just my husband and I and we’re not always ready to eat at the same time. So this is even more beneficial for us. When we’re ready, we just grab a meal, and a minute and a half later, we’re eating. If you live a busy life or just not keen on cooking, this is definitely the way to go. They are conveniently located in Cranston, but if you require delivery, they have that option available.
Kat Donahue
I Love the idea and convenience not to mention the food is delicious! Also I love the flexibility of the plans that I can set up. Helps tremendously with my awkward work schedule. 😊 Thanks so much (goalFOOD)!
Sonia Martinez
I love the convenience of picking out my own healthy meals from the grab n go coolers. Tasty and enjoyable knowing that it’s healthy and keeping me on track. Love the smoothie bar!
Steven Rivera
I wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased I am with the quality of your food. I originally tried (goalFOOD) in April of 2015. The concept was perfect but unfortunately the taste of the food wasn't so I stopped ordering. I heard recently that you made some drastic improvements so I tried it again. I couldn't be more pleased with the taste of the food this time around. It's a completely different taste. No longer are the meals dry which was my biggest complaint. The change is incredible. I certainly think that customers who tried this in and around the time I did will also be quite pleased with the change. We all know that diet is 80% of any workout program. I heard this recently and I want to pass it along. "You can't outwork a bad diet". It's so true. Going forward, I can't wait to see my progress. I have complete confidence that with a basic workout program and (goalFOOD), my results will be outstanding. So many people exercise and struggle with their diet. You've taken the biggest hurdle right out of the equation. Thank you for recognizing the problems of what was always a great concept and making the necessary changes. Now you're able to deliver a great meal program. Again, I couldn't be more pleased.
Jeffrey A Burlingame
Lieutenant with a Rhode Island Fire Department
goalFOOD does everything right when it comes to food preparation. They have a few plans to choose from, so finding one that makes a busy lifestyle more convenient is extremely easy. They are constantly making their system better with innovative new changes, whether it's adding staff, changing the weekly menu up, or using a different cooking technique to keep the food tasting great day in and day out. One of the best aspects that (goalFOOD) has going for it is the staff. From the line staff prepping the meals to the upper management, everyone is always very friendly and helpful. They return calls when a message is left, they always have a minute to take a comment whether positive or negative, and they are flexible when it comes to aiding customers when there is an issue with an order. I have been ordering food from (goalFOOD) for a year and a half, I've had one minor issue that was resolved immediately with a quick phone call. The consistency is top notch on all levels of the business. With all that being said, goalFOOD is not a five star gourmet restaurant, and they will never describe it in that manner. They are honest in what they are. The food doesn't pack HUGE flavor in every meal, although it is quite tasty for a low fat and sodium diet. goalFOOD is a healthy dieting alternative for those looking to eat right. It is a great meal prep service for many goals, and that shows by their large clientele base. It's not just for body builders and athletes, it's for anyone who simply wants to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. Working a 40+ hour work week, going to the gym five days a week, and keeping up the other ordeals of life is time consuming. Meal prep service helps save time by cutting down on grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. With all that being said, if you are looking for a great meal prep plan to make your day to day living easier, goalFOOD is the place to go.
Jonathan Fernandes

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